Welcome to Shelter Now

Housing ● Connections ● Support ● Opportunities

At Hartog House, we work to empower individuals and families experiencing homelessness to improve the quality of their lives through individualized support and transitional housing. The individuals and families in our program come from diverse backgrounds but each one has made a choice to work toward stability and permanent housing.

If you would like to apply for our program you can call and make an appointment with one of our support staff. Referrals to our Transitional units are prioritized based on those with the highest vulnerability and needs.

Our Vision

We are valued community partners that believe everyone has the right to safe affordable housing and individualized supports.

Our Mission

We support individuals and families to improve their well-being by providing housing, supports, connections, and opportunities in North Simcoe.

Our Values

Housing: We believe housing is a basic Human right. Local communities benefit from creating a range of opportunities for safe affordable housing.

Empowerment: We motivate individuals to work toward their full potential.

Acceptance: We use a non-judgmental and persistent approach in the support we provide.

Inclusive: We offer a safe and welcoming environment that is caring and compassionate.

Collaborative: We strive to be a leader in the community and value our relationships with partners, stakeholders, and funders. Individuals and families need a responsive system in place when they experience homelessness or at risk of homelessness.

Positive work environment: We value our employees by encouraging continued education, incorporating best practices, encouraging innovation and practising work/life balance.

Remarkable Results

  • Living at Shelter Now has been an invaluable experience. Not only is it a supportive environment free of judgment, it is also a safe and secure place to live. It is important to me that the community understands the difference that Shelter Now has made in my life and how programs like this will make a difference in the lives of many others.

    Resident of Hartog House
  • Sonia, Community Support Worker Thank you for accepting me into Shelter now. After leaving an abusive marriage, I needed a quiet little place to call my own. Each day I get more self confidence. I like to drop by the office to discuss my goals and get perspective on how to reach them. I wish other towns had the opportunity to have a “Shelter Now” to get people back on their feet. Your programs have helped me to “Empower myself.” I feel like I am making huge strides daily for self awareness and security.

    Resident of Hartog House
  • Sonia helped me cope with my addiction problems. It was easy to be honest with her, she never judged me. She kept me accountable for my choices, habits, money management and most of all helped me with me healthy thinking.

    Resident of Hartog House
  • Sonia has helped me through some very hard times. She would that the time to listen to you and give you lots of feedback. You can’t ask for a better lady.

    Resident of Hartog House
  • My experience with Tina has been wonderful. She is always asking if we need anything and is there to check up on you if there is any problems. Although I have only been here a few months she is always to be found if there are any questions.

    Resident of Hartog House
  • Tina is a joy to be around, very accepting and understanding. She has worked a lot of late nights with Community Kitchen, she genuinely cares about the residents of Shelter Now.

    Resident of Hartog House