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Mission: Shelter now helps transition homeless people to self- sufficiency. We do this by providing housing, connections, support and opportunities.

Shelter Now is a not for profit charity that owns and operates a 20 Unit Transitional Housing Complex called Hartog House. Since we opened our doors in November 2009, we have provided temporary housing and support services to over 93 individuals/families (including 36 children). More than 144 others, although unable to live in a Hartog House unit, were assisted through outreach.

Our success is not only in our numbers, but also in the stories of the people we have been able to help in reaching their goals. It is an amazing thing to watch folks overcome so many barriers, build confidence and then not only transition out to our community, but start giving back by volunteering!

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A very special Mention to the Weber Foundation and Robbert Hartog for their very generous gift to North Simcoe.